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Parent project settings affecting phases

In BillQuick, when parent project (Main or Active) settings are updated, many changes affect the child projects (phases) as well. You are prompted by the application to make those changes in the related phases or not. Here is a list of settings that affect both the parent projects as well as their phases when they are being changed in BillQuick:

Parent Project -> Phases

  • General >
    • Project Manager
    • Status
    • Contract Amount: % of Project
    • Address
    • Custom Fields
  • Billing >
    • Service Fee Schedule
    • Expense Fee Schedule
    • Delayed Service Fee Schedule
    • Send as Joint Invoice
    • Email Invoices
    • Custom Invoice Numbering
    • Project Contact
    • Send Invoice to Contact
    • Invoice Templates
  • Detail >
    • Interest on Past Due Invoices
    • Taxes: MST/MET
    • Custom Fields
  • Accounts >
    • Class

Note: While merging the parent project into a new project, you are prompted whether to merge the phases also. 

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