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How do I void vendor bill payments in BillQuick?

How do I void a vendor bill payment in BillQuick?

To do so: 

1. In BillQuick, go to the Accounting menu > Write Checks screen.

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2. Click Cancel to get out of the write check mode.
3. Click on the Previous Checks drop-down and select the check for the vendor bill you want to void.
4. Now, enter 'Voided Check' in the memo of the check and click Save.

Note: Do not click the Void button as this option is only used to void standard check payments and not vendor bill payments.

5. Next, go to the Accounting menu > General Journal Entries screen.

6. In the top Account section, make two entries, one line as a credit to the Accounts Payable account and a second as a debit to the Checking account.

7. Click Save.

Note: When reconciling your checking account you will have the ability to match the voided check with the journal entry.

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