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View cumulative estimates for main projects in BillQuick

Problem: How do I view cumulative estimates for main projects?

Solution: In BillQuick, you might have a 'Main' project type with sub-projects or phases under it. If the parent project currently has an 'Active' status, it will be necessary to change this status to 'Main' first.
If this cannot be done, then the cumulative estimate cannot be seen. To view projects with cumulative estimates:

1. Go to the Project screen in BillQuick and select this main parent project. 
2. On the Billing tab, ensure that there is nothing selected in the Estimate field.
3. Next, for each sub-project or phase, ensure that the Estimate field is filled in with a valid estimate.
4. Finally, go back into the main project and on its Billing tab, notice a link that says 'View Cumulative Estimate' instead of the usual Estimate field.
5. Clicking this link will show you a combined estimate for all the phases of this project.

Video Demostration: HERE

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