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Configuring Web Suite/BillQuick Online Appointments for Office 365

Problem: How do I configure the Appointments feature of Web Suite or BillQuick Online for users having Office 365?

Solution: With the Appointments
 feature in Web Suite or BillQuick Online, you can enhance the capability of the program to connect to Microsoft Exchange Calendar and see all your appointments there. In order to configure this feature for users having Office 365, you should enter the below settings into your Exchange Server Settings screen in Web Suite or BillQuick Online


After specifying the Exchange Server settings, it is a good practice to test them before proceeding. You must save the settings prior to testing the connection. Clicking the Test Connection button verifies whether a connection with the exchange server has been established successfully or not.

After logging in and establishing a connection with the Exchange Calendar, appointments are retrieved and displayed on the Appointments screen. You can access it from the Time menu.


Although our application provides the ability to link to a third-party service like Microsoft Exchange, we do not provide support for configuring those services to work with our software. Incorrect passwords, account settings or network firewalls are issues for your IT to resolve. 

Please note that Microsoft has a tool to diagnose Exchange Web Services access:

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