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Error 880010: Unable to set up new database using BillQuick SQL Database

Problem: When setting up a new database through the BillQuick SQL Database option, user gets the following error 880010:

bq error880010.jpg

Cause: This is commonly caused when the user selects compress contents to save disk space during server install.

Solution: Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the path given in the error message (C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\...........STS2017.mdf).
2. Look for the folder in blue. Make sure your files are not hidden.

bq error dbfiles.jpg

3. Right-click on the DatabaseFiles folder and select Properties.
4. On the DatabaseFiles Properties screen, click Advanced on the General tab.

bq dbfiles properties.jpg

5. Un-Check ‘Compress contents to save disk space’. Click OK to apply changes.

bq dbfiles properties advanced.jpg

Now the user will be able to create a new database in BillQuick.

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