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Time entries do not sync from BillQuick Mobile app

Problem: In the BillQuick Mobile app, time entries do not sync with the main database on the server and are deleted when a user logs out.

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The un-synced entry is highlighted and appears with a colored background. The entry stays in this state until the user logs out. Upon logout, the user gets an option to first sync data and then log out. If the user chooses to sync and log out, they receive an alert saying the sync process has failed. The user then has an option to email the database to Technical Support and log out or to directly log out. Upon logging in, any un-synced entries are deleted.

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Cause: The mobile apps obey many of the same database rules as is the case with BillQuick desktop and Web Suite; however, the mobile app does not notify the users when a rule is violated. When the database rules are violated, the time entries will not sync.

Solution: It is important to note that this issue might occur when you allocate hours to employees and have set any of the following project rules:
  • Lock at allocated hours
  • Lock at allocated units
  • Lock at contract amount
  • Prevent time entries
  • Prevent expense entries
  • Time entries memo required
  • Expense entries memo required

Please check with your database administrator or BillQuick Supervisor to verify that you are conforming with all the company-set project rules. 

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