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Resource issues in BillQuick

Problem: User experiences these issues while using BillQuick:
  • Timeout error
  • Red X instead of data
  • Memory Full message

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Possibly these issues are related to the environment the user is working in. The SQL Server is unable to allocate sufficient resources to handle the request made by the application.

Solution: Follow these steps to resolve the issue.
  1. Review the Task Manager or performance monitor of the server that is hosting SQL to determine the current status of the server and to close any running processes that may not be essential at the moment, such as running background tasks like a backup.
  2. Install BillQuick in its own SQL instance and do not share the resources with other SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server.
  3. If using the free version of SQL Express as the backend, explore upgrading to one of the fully functional versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

For more information, check this article on SQL Express limitations.

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