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Sending statements to clients for period excluding today

Problem: How does a user send statements in BillQuick Online or Web Suite to the clients except those who were billed today?

Solution: To exclude clients who received an invoice for today and to send statements to other clients having open invoices, the user will have to filter the client statement report for invoice date. It should not include today's date. To do so in BillQuick Online or Web Suite, follow these steps:

1. Open the Report Center screen from the Reports tab.

bqo-ws-menu-reports-report center.jpg

2. On the Report Center > Standard tab, open a report group and select a statement on the grid. Select any statement template that you would like to use.

bqo-ws-report center-accounts recievable-statement reports.jpg

3. On the More panel, make sure you have specified the relevant filters for Invoice Date and selected the Custom option as shown below. Change the From and To date range as per your requirement.

bqo-ws-report center-using not invoice date filter on statement reports.jpg

Setting the Not operator along with the invoice date filter before running the client statement report gives you data of all those clients who were not invoiced today but had previous balance.

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