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Users having WebRoot SecureAnywhere are experiencing a false positive

Problem: Users having WebRoot SecureAnywhere installed are experiencing a false positive that has quarantined our BQE application executable and can no longer use our software.

Solution: WebRoot is aware of the issue and has already resolved it in their most recent update. Please refer to their support department for further instructions on how to download their most recent update. You can also solve this issue by trying these steps below:
Option 1:
Remove the files from quarantine. Use the following link if you have administrator access to your Webroot SecureAnywhere software:

Option 2: If you don't have an admin access to your SecureAnywhere software, then download the guide from the below location and check it out for relevant information (pages: 67-68, 70-72, 88, 166-175). Have your administrator configure the overrides necessary to allow our executable to run. Also, remove them from quarantine.

Below are some screenshots to identify which endpoints are having issue. Check all our application files that are included in the override, restore them from quarantine and then create a master override for our installation folder.

1. Identify the computers that need to have the files restored and an exception created.

endpoints issue.png

2. Check all the BQE files to create an override. Make sure you select the same policy that quarantined it in the first place.

endpoints issue2.png

3. After you create the override, click the Restore from Quarantine button to restore the selected files.


Additionally, create a master override for the whole folder,


If you are still experiencing this issue after trying the above steps, please visit the Webroot support page at

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