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Application is unable to validate your subscription

Problem: User gets a message on opening Web Suite:

Application is unable to validate your subscription. Application will attempt the validation for a few more days. Subscription validation is required to use this product.

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Cause: The Web Suite application might be installed on a system where the anti-virus or other security software is blocking the application from license validation check at the folder or file level.  

Solution: To fix this issue:

  1. Please make sure your system is connected to the Internet.
  2. To rule-out the possibility of your security or anti-virus software blocking the validation process, please consult your IT support to ensure that access is allowed to TCP port 80 and the following URLs:

As in case of Sophos anti-virus software, you have to apply a folder exclusion was applied at the installation folder level (i.e., C:\Program Files (x86)\WebSuite 20XX). This exclusion includes all the subfolders under the said main folder.

Note: For more, check out Sophos Antivirus: How to Exclude items from scanning.

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