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ArchiOffice Mobile login

Problem: User is unable to log into the ArchiOffice Mobile app.

Cause 1: ArchiOffice Mobile service is either not installed or not running.

Solution 1: To test this, follow the steps below:

1. Browse to the ArchiOffice 20xx URL with “aooapi/aooservice.svc” appended to it. For example,
    Substitute your server’s IP address in place of “” and press Enter. You will get an error like this:       


2. This error means that the service is up and running. However, if you encounter an HTTP 404 error, you will need to reinstall ArchiOffice. Please ensure that you uninstall all instances (e.g., leftover ArchiOffice folders, etc.) of ArchiOffice completely before reinstalling it.

Cause 2: Service is not installed properly.

Solution 2: To test whether the service is properly or not, follow these steps:

1. Locate this folder on your server:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BQE Software\ArchiOffice20xx\public\AOOAP\bin

2. Only three files should be present in this folder. In case there are more than three files, please uninstall ArchiOffice, ensuring that all its instances are removed completely and then reinstall it.

Cause 3: ArchiOffice website is not public.

Solution 3: Please verify whether you have access to ArchiOffice website outside your company network or not. If it is publically unreachable, the app will not work.

Cause 4: ArchiOffice website is public but secured with a self-signed certificate.

Solution 4: ArchiOffice does not support self-signed certificates at present. To have a secure certificate on your ArchiOffice website and use the mobile app, please procure a proper certification from a recognized certificate issuing authority.

Cause 5: Invalid or incorrect connection information entered in the app. 

Solution 5: Please re-assess your login credentials (username, password and domain information). This data is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as registered. 

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