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Issues with BQE mobile apps due to unsynced data

Problem: User experiences these issues while using the BillQuick/ArchiOffice Mobile app:

• Unreliable network

• User API instance/BQE online product API instance does not work properly

• User credentials change: user name or password

• Data entry is refused by the server due to a business logic

CauseUsually, these issues happen when your mobile app has un-synced data.

Solution: Follow these steps to resolve the issue. These steps are relevant to all mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.   
  1. Ensure your mobile app is the latest version available on the store. This can be confirmed by comparing the version shown in the app store with the app version shown in the Settings screen.
  2. Confirm the mobile app has access to a reliable Internet connection. This can be confirmed by opening any web page on the phone. Also, in case of iOS, please make sure the app is eligible for cellular data (Settings > app name > Cellular Data).
  3. Confirm the API version and path. This information is available by long tapping on the current user field in the Settings screen.
  4. Confirm the API is the latest version and is working. This can be done by appending “/getversion” to the text returned by the above step. E.g.,   
  5. Confirm the presence of un-synced entries. These display with a thin red border line in the list view.
  6. Try to sync the data by either refreshing (iOS) or saving existing entries.
  7. Confirm the entry is not being rejected by the server due to some business logic. Typically, such entries display with a colored background in the list view and the reason for rejection is displayed in the detail view (in case of the Android app).
  8. Try to sync the entries manually by tapping the logout option. If there are un-synced entries, the app will prompt you to sync. Do not log out if the sync fails.
  9. Create a backup of your database by long tapping the version on the Settings screen. This opens the email app with the database attached (in BillQuick Mobile app only).
  10. Log out of the mobile app and send the database to the BQE Support Team along with your user credentials and domain (for Web Suite/ArchiOffice) so that we can:
    • upload the un-synced entries on your behalf
    • diagnose the problem

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