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How to refund contract amount in BillQuick?

Problem: A project is billed at 100% of the contract amount and then this amount is reduced for some reason. User wants to refund this reduced amount in BillQuick.

Solution: Here are the steps for refunding a part of the contract amount in BillQuick:

1. Create a negative invoice in the Manual Invoice screen using as many items as needed to reverse the required transactions involving the income accounts.
2. You can view and process this invoice in Invoice Review. This will reduce the balance of the affected A/R and income account.


2. Now write a check for the client from the Accounting menu > Write Checks screen using the Accounts tab.

write check3.png

3. Make sure to reference the correct A/R account and project. This will increase the A/R account balance, cancelling the effects of the negative invoice in step 1.

Your transactions should be in balance ($0).

transaction report4.png

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