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Connecting BQE products to your Gmail account

Problem: User wants to know how to connect the BQE software program (BillQuick/ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice) to the Gmail account via SMTP.

Solution: Most BQE Software products (BillQuick/ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice 2015 and later) feature the option to email contacts directly from the program. Whether it is sending out invoices, publications or other correspondence, you can configure the SMTP settings in your program to enable this feature.

Follow these steps to connect your BQE Software product (BillQuick/ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice) email account to your Gmail account: 

1. Log into your Gmail account.

2. Click My Account.


3. Next, go to Sign-in & security and choose one of the two options.

a) Click the “Connect apps & sites” link and turn on the “Allow less secure apps” option.


b) Alternatively, click the "Signing in to Google" link and turn on the 2-Step Verification option instead. After that, under App passwords, generate a special password for access from other applications. This special app password and your Gmail account username becomes your SMTP login.

gmail signin.png


4. Return to your BQE Software program, say BillQuick, and go to the Settings menu > User Preferences > Email Settings to configure your email settings.

5. Enter the required information on this screen: 

bq email settings smtp configuration copy.png

6. Check the Use SMTP option. 

7. For SMTP Server Information enter and check the Use SSL option.

8. Enter your user information such as display name and login credentials.

9. For Other Settings, enter the following:

Delivery Method: Network

Directory Name: may be left blank

Port: 587 (ports 465 or 25 might also be valid, depending on the configuration)

Auth Type: Basic

10. Click Save. Then click Test Settings. If the connection is configured correctly, you will receive a successful test message.

If you are still having trouble with the test connection and getting the below error, then you will be required to change your Gmail password to a more stronger one (e.g., Bq3$upport321). You can do that by adding more numbers, symbols, uppercase or lowercase letters, etc.


Also, check more information on configuring Gmail STMP here: 

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