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Web Suite server error: potentially dangerous request form was received from the client

Problem: Users receive the below server error on submitting, saving or refreshing data in Web Suite:

"a potentially dangerous request form was received from the client"

CauseIt seems that the Memo field has some scripting text in it, e.g., 

ws script text.png

The ASP.NET sees it as a threat and invalidates any action like saving that data. 

Note: Make sure there is no special character like colons, quotes, commas or semicolons in any field of the data entries you make. 

Solution: You can bypass this validation by following the below steps:

Note: Please apply the below changes when everyone has logged out of Web Suite.

Make a copy of the web.config file. By default, you can locate this web.config file at C:\Program Files (x86)\BillQuick Web Suite\Web Suite 20xx\public.

Open the web.config file using Notepad.exe.

3. Make 
the below highlighted changes in the system.web section:

ws system.web code.png

You need to update the existing values to:




4. Now restart IIS.

5. Browse to Web Suite 20xx and then log in. The issue should be resolved.

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