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How do I fix my Java installation for ArchiOffice?

Problem: How does a user fix a previous Java installation for ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice to work properly?

Solution: ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice users need Java for the proper functioning of the document management and data sync features. You should be using the most current version of Java available at any given time.

Next, follow these steps to fix your Java installation:

Java Installation and Setup: 


1. Completely uninstall all the versions of Java on your computer. Under Control Panel > Programs & Features, after the list populates, select each Java version and uninstall it.

2. Remove any leftover files and folders after uninstalling Java (PC only).

  • Under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), you may find a folder called “Java”.
  • Under C:\Users\[User Profile Directory]\AppData\LocalLow, you may find a folder called “Sun”.
These folders need to be deleted entirely.

3. Download and reinstall Java. Java installers can be found here:

Always select the 32-bit installer, regardless of your system configuration.

Mac: Ensure that Java is updated to the most current version available.

Configuring Java:


1. On the Control Panel > Java > General tab, click Network Settings; select Direct Connection and click OK. Then click Settings; click Delete Files; check all three boxes and then click OK.
2. On the Control Panel > Java > Security tab, ensure the “Enable Java Content in the browser” check box is selected. Pull the slider down to the lowest level available and add the base web address for your ArchiOffice website into the Exception Site list.

Note: If your website is just an IP address, you will need to prefix the address with the standard “http://” text (e.g.,

3. On the Control Panel > Java > Advanced tab, in the “Mixed Code” section, select the Disabled option to eliminate unneeded warning messages.


1. In System Preferences > Java, perform the same steps as for the PC.
2. Configure Safari.

a) Open and log in to ArchiOffice.

b) Go to Safari Preferences > Security tab.

 safari pref security.png

c) Ensure the “Enable JavaScript" ” check box is selected.

d) Ensure the “Block pop-up windows” check box is NOT selected.

e) Ensure the “Allow Plug-ins” check box is selected.

f) Click the “Plug-in Settings…” button.

java plugins.png

g) Click Java on the left to select it.

h) Select the address for your ArchiOffice website on the right panel.

i) Then select On from the drop-down and deselect the “Run in Safe Mode” option. (Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on the drop-down.)

java website.png 

j) You are allowing the ArchiOffice web site to use the Java plug-in with these settings. Confirm this action when prompted.

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