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BillQuick Mobile app: secure connections

Problem: User is unable to log in using the BillQuick Mobile app.

Solution: If your website is configured for secure logins such as and you are unable to log in using the BillQuick Mobile app, check the following address to ensure the site is properly configured.

If the getversion text file can be downloaded successfully, then the site is properly configured to accept incoming connections using the mobile app. If nothing is downloaded, follow these steps.

1. Locate the web.config file where Web Suite is installed in the folder:

WebSuite 20XX/public/BQOAPI2

ws public bqoapi.png

2. There are several web.config files. Click on EnableSSLBinding.bat to replace the web.config file to enable the mobile app to use the secure connection.

The choices are:


  • DisableSSLBinding: This removes any previous bindings.
  • EnableSSLBinding: This allows the mobile app to bind with the website if there is an SSL certificate.
  • EnableSSLAndRegularBinding: Users can log in with both http and https address.


3. Choose the batch file that applies to your website so as to update the configuration file to accept incoming connections. You may also need to right-click on these batch files as an administrator.

4. Conversely, you may also access the batch files from the Start menu of the server hosting the web application. Choose Enable SSL for Web API to enable SSL binding for remote connections.

ws web api.png 

5. Next, try to access the service through a web browser again.

If results in the retrieval of the getversion file, then it is ready to accept incoming connections from the mobile applications.

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