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Launching ArchiOffice documents for the first time

Problem: User is trying to launch ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice documents for the first time and wants to ensure all is set up correctly.

Solution: A user who is starting ArchiOffice for the first time and tries to launch the documents must first access the file server manually. This means the user needs to access the file server’s shared path using the Run utility on Windows or 'Connect to server' utility on Mac. If the OS allows the connection, then only will ArchiOffice be able to access it. This is important to ensure:

1. The path is valid.

2. There is a handshake between the two.

3. Servers need to know an authentic user is trying to access the file and it is not an intrusion.

Note: A file server may not necessarily be the ArchiOffice web server. So by accessing the UNC path, you are referring to a UNC path exposed by the file server and not necessarily by the ArchiOffice server itself.


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26th of November, 2013

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