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Issue with Simple Time Card in Web Suite

Problem: Web Suite Simple Time Card picks a random date in the past and puts an invalid name in the Employee ID field when a user returns to the screen.

The IDs are last name, first initial (for example James, C.). User enters time in Simple Time Card; saves the entries and closes the screen. When the user goes back to the Simple Time Card screen, it has an invalid ID (James) and the date is a totally random date in the past like 4/4/1981.

Solution: Change your employee (user) IDs so that they don’t include any punctuation like comma. From the example above, change James, C. to JamesC or James. You can change all the user IDs within BillQuick from the Utilities menu > Change ID Codes. The change will ripple throughout your BillQuick database.

Note: This issue has been addressed in Web Suite 2010 and above versions.

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21st of May, 2018

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