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Server error: Cannot open database ASPState requested by the login

Problem: When installing Web Suite, ArchiOffice or EngineerOffice 2013 on a Windows Server 2012/IIS 8 machine, user gets the following error:

Cannot open database “ASPState” requested by the login. The login failed.

ao server error aspstate.png

Cause: In the IIS Manager, the AO2012 (EO or WS) website Session State is incorrectly set as SQL Server (see the red arrow). 

Solution: In the IIS Manager, you need to change the Session State Mode Settings.

Note: Please note that you need to log in as Windows Domain Administrator to perform these fixes.

1. Go to the server where you installed our web product.
2. Go to the Start button on the lower left of the screen and type 'inetmgr'.
3. On the IIS Manager, you will see the Sites object; please expand it.

ao iis session state.png
4. Expand the Default Web Site object, then click to expand the web product purchased from us (i.e.. Web Suite 20xx, ArchiOffice 20xx or EngineerOffice 20xx). There will be an Admin folder under it.
5. Select the application object itself. On the right panel, under the ASP.NET section, double click Session State.
6. On the Session State screen, under the Session State Mode Settings, select 'In process' (see the green arrow).
7. On the right, under the Actions pane, click Apply.
8. Open a command prompt as Administrator and run the following command:


This should resolve the issue.

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