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How do I create two-level activity codes?

An architectural firm wants to track a category of activity as well as the activity or task. For example, if the activity category is ‘Construction’, the activities under it could be ‘Drawing’ and ‘Blue Printing’. At times, ‘Architectural Design’ could be the category and ‘Drawing’ and ‘Blue Printing’ could be its tasks.

BillQuick, Web Suite as well as BillQuick Online easily handle such situations with two-level activity codes (and expense codes). BillQuick has a two-level activity code represented by two fields: Code and Sub-code.

The Code field (also called the main code) along with Sub-code can be up to 30 characters long (15 characters each). Between the main and sub code, BillQuick Online automatically inserts a colon (:) as a separator.

For the Code, you might use ‘CT’, ‘Const’ or ‘Construction’ as a category. Then for the Sub-code, you might use ‘DW’, ‘Draw’ or ‘Drawing’ for the Construction category. However, if your team thinks of its work differently, you can use ‘Architectural Design’ as a category (Code), and then define ‘Drawing’, ‘Blue Printing’ and other items as tasks (Sub-codes).

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