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Supplier management workflow in BillQuick

BillQuick offers both accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P) features. If you have a project involving suppliers/vendors, the workflow can be summarized as:

1. Set up a client, and associated project and phases.


2. Set up employees who will be working on this project. Also, set up vendors who may provide services and items for this project.
3. Create a purchase order for this vendor to supply specified items and services for this project.

purchase order.png

4. Receive items and services by the vendor against this purchase order. This is accompanied by an invoice.

receive items.png

5. Create a vendor bill. You can also link the scanned vendor invoice to this bill.

vendor bill.png

6. Vendor bills may be submitted for approval by the designated manager. Once approved, you can pay the vendor bill.

pay vendor bills.png

7. You can also write a check for the vendor. The vendor receives the payment.

write check.png

8. The vendor bill creates a corresponding expense entry automatically for the vendor so that we can invoice it to the client. You may add a markup to it.

expense log.png

9. Employees can enter time and expenses against this project. You may need to submit all the time and expenses for approval by the manager before billing it. 
10. Create and process the invoice. Send the invoice to the client.

billing review vendors.png 

11. Once payment is received on this invoice, record it.

payment vendor.png

12. You can check the transactions by running reports, and checking the Project-Account and History tabs, A/R, A/P, bank and undeposited funds registers. 

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