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Microsoft JET database error upon launching BillQuick

Problem: Upon launching BillQuick, user gets the following error message:

Unable to open Data File
Error Returned is -2147467259
Error No= -2147467259 COM
Error: Unspecified error
Error Source= Microsoft JET Database Engine
Error Description= Unrecognized database format

Cause: The Microsoft Access (Standard) database has become unstable and needs to be repaired.

Solution: If your database has become corrupt, it needs to be repaired in Microsoft Access. If you have Access 2000 or 2003 installed on a workstation, please follow the steps below. Otherwise, please contact BillQuick Technical Support. Representatives are available Monday thru Friday.

1. Make sure that everyone has closed the BillQuick program on their systems.

2. Open Microsoft Access.

3. Go to File menu, Open. Navigate to the location of your database and open your Access database file (this file location should be displayed in the error message if you are unsure of it).

4. You will be prompted for a Password (the default is admin).

5. MS Access will recognize your database needs to be repaired; select Yes.

6. Once MS Access has repaired your file, you can now open BillQuick. 

7. In BillQuick, go to Utilities menu, Optimize; run all the utilities in order, one at a time.

8. Once all utilities are run, it is now safe for other employees to open BillQuick.

Note: Microsoft designed the Access database for 1 to 4 users to be logged in consecutively. Beyond that threshold, Access databases can become unstable and the file can become corrupt. This is repairable, as you have seen above, but it is a time consuming process that reduces productivity. 

If you are a BillQuick Pro user or above, consider upgrading to a Microsoft SQL or SQL Express (which is free from Microsoft's website). Below is a link to a PDF outlining the upgrade process for BillQuick SQL. If you are not comfortable installing and configuring SQL on the server or PC, a BQE Consultant can complete this process for you for a nominal fee. Please contact BQE Sales at (888) 245-5669 for more information. For outside USA call +1 (310) 602-4020.




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