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How do I set up budgets in ArchiOffice?

To set up budgets in ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice:

1. In the Projects screen, set the Status to Open, i.e., at quote stage, not active yet.
2. On the General tab > Phases, set the overall Hourly budget for each phase.

projects phases.png

3. Go to the Billing > Budgets tab and choose Set Budget By 'Fees' option for the project phases.

projects billing budgets.png

4. On the Checklists tab, you can have an hourly budget calculated from the tasks. E.g., for Phase 01 Pre-Design, the total of individual tasks comes to 43.50 hours, well within the Phase budget of 100 hours.

projects checklists.png

5. In the Reports screen, select Project > Budget Hours, Type Detail.

reports projects.png

6. Click Search to refine the found set. 
7. Enter the Search criteria and then click Search. 
8. Back on the Reports screen, click Run Report. The Budget Hours report displays.

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