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How do I change bill rates of employees in ArchiOffice?

Sometimes firms have to keep different bill rates for different types of projects or different team rates for a specific project. What stays the same is the Cost Rate, which is set in the Preferences > Users > Time/Expense screen. 

Here is how you can change the bill rates of employees in ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice:

1. Open the Preferences > Users > Time/Expense screen in ArchiOffice.

image 1.png

2. Select each employee and edit their Charge Rate and Cost Rate, if needed. Click Save. 
3. When all the employee rates have been revised, click Preferences > Project > Teams. 
4. Update the employee rates for the active project team. If other teams exist, update rates for those as well. All users assigned to the project teams must be updated with the correct rates.
5. You can create new projects with the new rates set for the team. You can also update any existing project with the new rates by going to Projects > Details > Project Team and clicking Action > Update Rates.

image 2.png

6.To update the bill rates for current slips, go to the Projects screen > Time and Expense and click Action > List. This displays all the slips for that project in a list view.
7. Select Update from the main menu and then choose Bill Rate. Click Yes when prompted. 

Bill rates will now be updated for the employee as well as all the associated slips. 

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