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Data issues after converting ArchiOffice v8 to ArchiOffice 2010

Problem: After running the data converter (ArchiOffice/EngineerOffice v8 to 2010), user experiences data issues like missing privileges, user information, invoices or slips, document paths not working, duplicate folders, SQL Insert errors, SQL update errors, etc.

Solution: If you have already installed ArchiOffice 2010 and having data issues or other problems, un-install it and re-install the latest version. Re-run the entire conversion process with the freshly exported v8 data.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the ArchiOffice v8.9.6 updater and update your File Maker Pro files to v8.9.6.

2. Export your FMP v8.9.6 data using Preferences-Import screen. Do not attempt to upgrade or use your previously converted data files.

3. Un-install your old ArchiOffice 2010 application and re-install the latest build.

4. Start the new ArchiOffice 2010 application and run the Data Converter Wizard with the freshly exported v8.9.6 data.

5. Check your conversion.log file for any errors or problems.

6. Check your data in ArchiOffice 2010.

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10th of May, 2018

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