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Recording billable time to projects with billing schedule

Problem: What happens if a user records billable time to a project that totals more than the total set in the Billing Schedule? How will this affect its billing?

Solution: If a project has been set as a fixed fee or percentage, any time recorded against it will not affect the total to be billed to the client. In the example below, an 8-hour time entry (at a total value of $640) is recorded against a project but has a different Net Bill (as set in the Billing Schedule).

billing review bs2.png 

In such a case, BillQuick creates a write-down (or write-up) for the project. You can run the report ‘Write Up-Write Down by Invoice Date’ from the Report Centre to see the Amount Billed and Write Down applied (e.g., invoice number 1126).

wud report.png 

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