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How do I bill phased projects using Billing Schedule?

To bill your phased projects using a billing schedule, follow these steps:

1. Create a project with multiple phases in the Project screen.
2. You now need to create a billing schedule for each phase. Open the Billing Schedule screen from Billing menu, Create Invoices.
3. Select the Project ID of the first phase. The contract details for that phase will be displayed.
4. Select a Reminder Date and % Contract Amount for the first scheduled payment. The Amount will be calculated based on the percentage.
5. Repeat this process for subsequent payments until you have created the full billing schedule for that phase. You can change the amount later also.

 billing schedule.png

6. Similarly, create billing schedules for other phases.
7. You can click Print to see the Billing Schedule by Project report. Check out the details for each phase.

billing schedule report.png

8. The Project Manager will receive a reminder once the client’s payment date hits the current date. You can check it out from the View menu, Reminders screen.
9. From here you can double-click the reminder to navigate to the Billing Review screen or open it from the Billing menu.
10. Use the filters to search for the first phase (if you have come here through the menu; otherwise, it will automatically populate with the payment details). The Net Bill is brought forward from the Billing Schedule screen but you can change it here.

billing review schedule.png

11. To create an invoice, check the Bill box. BillQuick assigns an invoice number to it.
12. Process the invoice by clicking Process, Process Final.
13. You can go back to the Project screen to view the billing history and account details of this phase.
14. Once you have billed the client, you can go to the Report Centre and pull up the Billing Schedule report. It is essentially the same report as you printed before but now you can see what has been billed and what remains.

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