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Restricting employees to allocated time

Problem: Employee has been allocated 4 hours of work against a project. User wants to lock the system so that the employee can enter only 4 hours against that project.

Solution: This can be achieved by the following:

1. In the Allocate screen, assign 4 hours to the employee (say KW) against a particular project.

allocate hours.png

2. Set the Activity ID for this allocated task. 
3. Make sure the Start Date is set accordingly.
4. Click Save.

We now need to apply a rule to the project:

1. In the Project screen, click the Details tab.

project details2.png
2. Open the Rules section and check the ‘Lock at Control Hours’ and ‘Lock at Control Units’ rules from the drop-down.
3. Click Save.
4. To test if this works, go to the Simple Time Card screen.
5. Filter the data by employee KW.

bqo stc.png

6. Try entering more hours than the allocated value, i.e., 5 hours.
7. Note the status message at the top of the screen.
8. When you click Save, a message displays informing you that you are exceeding the assigned 4 hours and hence cannot save the entry.

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