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Time entry sync issue with QuickBooks

Problem: A new BillQuick user has synchronized customers, activity codes and employees with QuickBooks. The user is unable to send some time entries to QuickBooks, while some entries dropped data on transfer.

Solution: In BillQuick, there is a ‘Linked’ column in Sheet View that you can make visible (via the Field Chooser) to see if a time entry has been transferred to QuickBooks or not. The most common reasons for unsuccessful transfer are:

• It is an unapproved time entry.

• It is already in QuickBooks

• Project, Activity or Employee data has not been transferred yet

Check out the above reasons. Finally, take a look at the BQQBLog.txt file located in your installation folder. It will give you additional details about why it did not sync.

It is a better practice to manage your time tracking and billing in BillQuick only and just use QuickBooks for your A/P and other financial needs. You can run reports in BillQuick to get the data you need to make all your billing decisions.

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